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A couple of weeks ago, we passed along thespeculation that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th atBrooklyn's Barclay's Center (yes, the same arena that Kevin Durant and KyrieIrving now both call home). Today, Samsung confirmed this with a post on itswebsite that read, "On August 7, 2019, Samsung Electronics will unveil newdevices designed to take the Galaxy ecosystem’s connectivity to the nextlevel." Technically, this will be another Samsung Unpacked event. Weshould see the manufacturer introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the GalaxyNote 10+. There will be a 4G LTE and 5G variant of each phone bringing thetotal number of units to be introduced to four. This will be the first timethat Samsung is selling more than one version of the Galaxy Note at the sametime.

几周之前,我们对外公布了三星可能会于8月7日在布鲁克林的巴克莱中心推出盖乐世Note 10的推测。(是的,就是现在凯文·杜兰特和凯里·欧文都称之为家的那个地方)就在今天,三星官方网站上的一份公告确认了这个消息,公告上说:“在2019年8月7日,三星电子将推出致力于将盖乐世手机的生态系统的连通性提升到全新高度的新设备”。从技术层面来看,这会是三星的另一场Unpacked发布会。我们应该在发布会上会看到这家手机制造商向我们介绍盖乐世Note 10和盖乐世Note 10 +。对于每一款手机来说都将有4G LTE和5G版本,这就会导致三星介绍给我们的手机总数达到了4台。这将会是三星首次在同一时刻销售多个版本的盖乐世Note系列手机。

The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has twice appearedin benchmark tests. One model (SM-N976V) was the Verizon version of the phoneand included 12GB of memory and the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform. Theinternational version (SM-N976B) of the phone came with 8GB of memory and theExynos 9825 under the hood.

5G版本的盖乐世Note 10+已经在benchmark跑分测试中已经出现两次了。其中一个型号(SM-N976V)是威瑞森定制版本的手机,搭载了12GB的运行内存和骁龙855移动平台处理器。国际版本(SM-N976B)的手机则是搭载了8GB的运行内存和三星猎户座9825处理器。

All four models should support thePowerShare reverse wireless charging feature that will allow the Galaxy Note 10to be flipped face down and used as a wireless charging pad. The Galaxy Budscarrying case and a compatible phone can be powered up in this fashion. Thereis one major caveat: the battery life of the host phone will be reduced aspower is drained from that handset to the one receiving the charge. And ofcourse, all four models will come with an S Pen. Last year Samsung made somebig changes to its pen stylus, adding Bluetooth LE connectivity. Assuming thatno other changes have been made, the S Pen will remotely open the camera app onthe Galaxy Note 10 from up to 30 feet away and snap the shutter or reverse thecamera. It also can be used to control streaming music or video on the phone.

所有的四个型号手机都支持PowerShare反向无线充电技术,这项技术允许盖乐世Note10系列手机可以反转屏幕朝下来用作无线充电器用。搭配便携充电箱的盖乐世Buds蓝牙耳机和可兼容的手机都可以用这种潮流的方式充电。但是有一个重要的注意事项:这个主手机的电量会随着待充电的手机接受电量而逐渐降低。当然,四种型号的手机都会附送S-Pen。去年,三星对其笔式触控笔进行了改进,增加了蓝牙LE连接功能。假设即使其他什么也没做,只使用S Pen能在30英尺外的地方远程打开盖乐世Note10手机的相机软件并按下快门拍照,或者实现反转摄像头的功能。S Pen也能用来对手机上串流播放的音乐和视频进行控制。

The Galaxy Note 10 will feature Samsung'sInfinity-O display. That means that there is a punch-hole camera in front forselfies that allows the handset to have a high screen-to-body-ratio. Unlikeother models from Sammy that use this design, on the Galaxy Note 10, thepunch-hole will be in the top center of the screen instead of being found onthe left or right side of the display. This has been seen in what are allegedto be live photos of the device. And the other major design change is also camera-related;the rear cameras will be mounted vertically along the left edge of the phone'sback panel. Last year's model had the rear cameras placed horizontally alongthe upper portion of the phone's rear panel.

盖乐世Note 10系列手机也会使用三星的无限-O屏幕。这意味着手机的前面会有一个孔状摄像头,从而让手机具有了较高的屏占比。与其他使用这个设计的三星手机不同,在盖乐世Note10上,开孔位置位于屏幕顶部中央,而不是在屏幕的左侧或者右侧。这已经在该设备的谍照上看到这一特点了。另一个设计上的主要变化也与相机有关。后置摄像头安置在手机后面板的左侧边缘。而去年的型号的三星Note手机的后置摄像头是水平放置在手机后面板的上部。